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AI software development to empower law enforcement and public safety sectors. Alongside our innovative police bikes and AI-enabled lightbars

Monerus IRIS Lightbar

Monerus's IRIS Lightbar is a pinnacle of law enforcement
technology, incorporating advanced AI capabilities with robust
integration features for a fully connected vehicle system.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Software Compatibility: Smooth integration with existing law enforcement software systems for comprehensive data and communication management.

Video Management: Seamlessly works with current video management systems, enabling enhanced monitoring and documentation capabilities.

Infrastructure Adaptability: strong>Designed for easy integration into existing vehicle and departmental infrastructures without extensive modifications

Key Features

License Plate Recognition (LPR): Automatically captures and analyzes license plates across multiple lanes.

Facial Recognition (FR): Provides real-time facial detection capabilities to assist with identification processes.

Video Surveillance: High-definition video surveillance with customizable camera positioning to cover multiple perspectives.

Wide Coverage: Capable of capturing up to seven traffic lanes simultaneously.

Low-Light Performance: Operates effectively in low-light conditions and while the lightbar is actively in use.

Adverse Weather Compatibility: Engineered to function in diverse environmental conditions such as rain, snow, and more.

High-Speed Capture: Can detect and capture images of objects moving up to 240 km/h.

Low Latency: Ensures real-time responses with minimal delay.

High Accuracy: Delivers over 95% accuracy in recognition and data collection.

Ideal For

Enhanced patrol, surveillance, and response capabilities of law enforcement vehicles. Traffic monitoring and management across municipal and state roads. Emergency response and public safety applications in varied environmental conditions.

Monerus Police Bikes

Designed for agility and effectiveness, Monerus Police Bikes,
in partnership with Volcanic Bikes, provide an unmatched solution for
urban law enforcement mobility.

Key Features

Enhanced Mobility: Lightweight yet sturdy frame designed for nimble movement and durability in urban environments.

Advanced Communication Tools: Includes state-of-the-art 5G and GPS/GNSS systems, ensuring constant connectivity and location accuracy.

Superior Lighting: Fitted with high-performance Whelen lights for optimal visibility during day and night operations.

Customization Options: Available in various configurations to meet specific departmental needs and officer preferences.


Frame: Customizable to fit officer size and specific urban terrain requirements. Technology Integration: Ready for enhancements with additional modular technology as needed.

Ideal For

Urban patrol and rapid response by law enforcement in city environments.

Security operations at university campuses and large public events.

Quick deployment for emergency medical services in urban settings.

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